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Size guide


The Princesse d'un Jour branded jewellery and accessories are all made to order. Our necklaces and bracelets are handmade to fit your measurements, neck and wrist circumferences. This is why, when placing your order, we ask you to give us your measurements. This is the guaranty for you that the jewellery which you purchase on our website will fit perfectly.

How to measure your neck Circumference

Here's a little guide to measuring your neck circumference:

  1. Use a fine chain necklace or a piece of string.
  2. Place the chain or string around the base of your neck, just above your collar bones and hold on to the measure.
  3. Measure the length by placing the string on a ruler

A "classic" neck circunference is of about 38 to 40 cm (15 to 16 inches)

This measurement is an indication for us when making your necklace, no need to be extremely precise !

The necklace will be longer than the measurement given in order for it to be comfortable to wear and also depending on what type of necklace you have chosen (tight around the neck or with a drop for example).

How to measure your Wrist circumference

Apply the same method as for the neck circumference, place a fine chain or a string around your wrist.
Place the string on a ruler and note the measurement
A "classic" wrist measures around 15 to 17 cm (6 to 7 inches).