Bridal jewellery made in France

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Partner brands

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Since 2003, Princesse d'un Jour proposes bespoke bridal jewellery and hair accessories. Our jewellery is hand made in France in our workshop in Bellerive-sur-Allier.

In addition to my designs, I am happy to propose on my website, products which I have selected from partner brands.


You will therefore find on, a range of bridal tiaras and hair accessories, shoes and wedding ring cushions which have been carefully selected  from brands in the wedding industry. Our partner brands make quality products that complement our proper range of products and thus permits our customers to find additional products on our website. Our partner brands are from France and England.

To help you identify if a product on our website is made by Princesse d'un Jour or if it is from a partner brand we have created 2 stamps clearly stating the origin of the product.
You will find these stamps on each product page.

Stamp Made in France   Stamp Partner brands
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